Junior Chef

Junior Chef

Everyone wants to be in the kitchen!  Our most popular program is back this fall and our Club is excited to see the kitchen busy with youth whipping up a new recipe each week.  Through our Junior Chef Program, you will learn your way around the kitchen and be able to cook some pretty awesome dishes for your friends and family, or... just you!  

This opportunity is available for youth ages 10-14 on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.  Youth will learn how to safely cook tasty and healthy meals while developing leadership skills along with;

  1. Cooking from scratch 
  2. Read and follow recipes and understand ingredients
  3. Develop introductory cooking techniques
  4. Nutritional info and food alternatives (eg GF, DF, vegetarian)
  5. Grocery shopping/selecting fresh food

Supervised by a Youth Worker and Club Volunteer, each week we cover general safety and cleanliness in the kitchen: food safe practices, cross contamination, safety with equipment and appliances.  Through this program, youth gain confidence in self and abilities, communication, teamwork, relationship building and independence/responsibility (eg cleaning up after cooking).

Junior Chef, International Cooking, will now be offered at the BearsPaw Community Centre on Wednesday afternoons. We are excited to announce the return of Junior Chef at the Bragg Creek Community Centre on Thursday. These programs will be led by talented youth workers as well as guest volunteers. Junior Chef will run in 8 week sessions.

The Registration fee of $25 covers a $10 annual membership fee and $15 program cost.  You can register by emailing our youth team or popping into the club anytime and filling out our Youth Membership Form.  If you need support for program fees, please mention it on your Membership Form.

Img 1878

Susan from Culinary Skills & Nutrition came to teach the kids Salads 101 and that all salads don't need to be lettuce based!

Img 1670
Guy from Guy's Cafe & Bakery came in to teach the kids about Kitchen Safety and came back a second time to instruct BBQ 101!
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