OSC Registration

OSC Registration

Out of School Care Program Fall Registration 2020/2021 is OPEN

For Out of School Care Grades 1-6 Contact:  Sasha Langman at slangman@bgccochrane.ca 

For Kindergarten Out of School Care Contact: Hazel Carter at hcarter@bgccochrane.ca

NOTE: We are still accepting Fall Registration during current program closures.

Dates for PD & Holiday Full Day Program

April: April 14th - 17th

May: May 15th

Summer Camp Registration

Contact Sasha Langman at slangman@bgccochrane.ca    

 Information About the Registration Process

For a registration access contact the above Program Coordinators with the details of your childcare needs (including the schedule, whether before school care is required, whether transportation is needed, how many children you are registering, etc).

  • Our online registration will not close once the program is full. We will update the statuses (provided below) as programs fill. However, if any of our programs fill up after hours, we will not be able to update the website until the following business day. It is important to remember that registrations are time-stamped when they are submitted and enrollments are first-come, first-served. If registration overfills while the club is closed, we will notify parents 
  • Once you've completed the online forms, your child(ren)'s place will only be be held for 7 calendar days. Registration will only be completed once we've received the three items outlined below in the "Important Note!!" Section
  • Additional information on our Programs can be found in our Parent Handbook which is included on the Resources tab of our website.
  • If you receive subsidy, make sure to have your confirmation number from Alberta Human Services and the pre-approved subsidy amount ready. You'll be asked for that information when registering. More information on subsidies can be found on the Monthly Rates  page.
  • If you decide to cancel prior to September, cancellations must be made in writing 30 days in advance. With 30 days’ notice, a refund (less $50 administration fee) will be issued. Additional details are provided on the Resources tab of our website (see the Parent Handbook or Cancellation Policy).
  • Additional information can be found on our Online Registration FAQ Sheet

Important Note!! 

After completing the online forms, you will have 7 calendar days (from the date you complete the OSC Registration Form) to place the following three items in a sealed envelope, and drop it off at the 5th Avenue Club:
 1. Complete the Pre-Authorized Debit Form (one form can be completed for multiple children)
 2. Provide a void cheque with the Pre-Authorized Debit Form
 3. A $50 cheque or email transfer (can be sent to mrowe@bgccochrane.ca with a message to detail the fee being paid and for which child) 

If you have any questions throughout the process, please call our OSC Program Coordinator at 403-981-2020 x224.

Status of Program Registration for 2020/21

KinderCare: Open for registration
Grade 1-3: FULL Waitlist only
Grade 4-6: Open for registration  

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