Cochrane Youth Council

Cochrane Youth Council had a very successful 2017-2018 term.  In December 2017 the Youth Council hosted their meeting at BGC Cochrane and Area's location and invited Mayor Jeff Genung and Town Councillors to join them.  The meeting was so successful that Mayor Genung invited the Youth Council to host their February 2018 meeting in council chambers!  What an incredible experience for the council and an opportunity for the community to hear what youth in Cochrane are passionate about.  

2017 2018 Youth Council In Chambers

Youth can apply for 2019-2020 council membership in September 2019.  Participants will be selected based on applications submitted.

Below outlines a few of the important aspects of Youth Council. A more detailed account will be given to you as you are accepted.

Mission Statement:
The Cochrane Youth Council will actively and responsibly represent the youth in Cochrane and Area and be a strong voice that helps advocate positive change in the community.

1. To better engage youth in the community.
2. Bridge the gap of information between schools and present common issues to Town Council.
3. To act as a collective voice for youth in the community and express ideas and opinions to Town Council.
4. To act as leaders in the community to create a safe and inclusive youth culture.
5. To increase civic involvement among youth in the community.

Responsibilities of each member:
• Each member will attend Youth Council meetings and actively participate in council activities and contribute to making decisions.
• Each member is responsible to communicate information discussed in council meeting to their schools.
• Raise awareness of positive youth contributions in the community.
• Bring school and community questions, concerns and feedback affecting youth to council meetings.
• Report council progress and updates to school administration.
• Members will act as ambassadors in their schools, that peers feel comfortable going to and expressing their ideas, opinions, concerns, etc.
Youth Council Membership:
Members will be selected with the support of school administration. Youth will be selected based on their application and the following criteria:
• Youth must be a resident of Cochrane and surrounding area.
• Youth must be between grades 8-12 if representing a school.
• Community youth members must be between the ages of 13-24.
• Youth must exhibit leadership qualities in school and/or the community.
• Youth must exhibit an interest in being actively involved in the community.
• Able to commit to attending a monthly meeting for the duration of one year (Oct-June).

If you are interested, please email  We would love to hear from you and what your hopes are for youth in our Town.  

Check out their Instagram page here:

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