Junior Chef

Junior Chef & Master Teen Chef  - Winter Program

Bragg Winter 2020            Bragg Winter 2020

Cooking classes offered at three different locations, and different days. Please keep in mind:

  • Bragg Creek Community Centre: Ages 10-14, every Tuesday from Jan 28 to Mar 10 between 4:00pm- 5:30pm 
  • Bearspaw Lifestyle Centre: Ages 10-14, every Thursday from Jan 30 to Mar 12 between 4:00pm- 5:30pm

 Youth will learn how to safely cook tasty and healthy meals while developing leadership skills along with;

  1. Cooking from scratch 
  2. Read and follow recipes and understand ingredients
  3. Develop introductory cooking techniques
  4. Nutritional info and food alternatives (eg GF, DF, vegetarian)
  5. Grocery shopping/selecting fresh food

Supervised by a Youth Worker and Club Volunteer, each week we cover general safety and cleanliness in the kitchen: food safe practices, cross contamination, safety with equipment and appliances.  Through this program, youth gain confidence in self and abilities, communication, teamwork, relationship building and independence/responsibility (eg cleaning up after cooking).

All Junior Chef programs are led by our talented Youth Workers as well as guest volunteers. Junior Chef runs in 6 or 7 week sessions.

The Registration fee of $25 covers a $10 annual membership fee and $15 program cost.  You can register by emailing Nola, nhume@bgccochrane.ca or popping into the club anytime and filling out our Youth Membership Form.  If you need support for program fees, please mention it on your Membership Form.

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