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BGCCA Sponsorship

Program Details

BGC Cochrane & Area is pleased to offer Sponsorships for families who may not otherwise be able to afford BGCCA programs. Sponsorships are available for full coverage of program costs, or for partial coverage of program costs - depending on the needs of the families we serve. There are two sponsorship terms of 3 and 6 months available for award.  

Sponsorships are not limited by the program a child is enrolled in, however receiving a sponsorship does not guarantee a spot in the program if they are already full. Our programs are first come-first served and we will not move people up the wait list if they are awarded sponsorships.  Sponsorships do not cover the BGCCA annual membership fees of $10/year for an individual or $25/year for a family.

In order to help cover the costs of the sponsorships, a volunteering commitment from the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the sponsorships is required upon Sponsorship Award. A commitment of 6 hours/month (for full sponsorship) or 3 hours/month (for partial sponsorship) will help ease demands on staff and help foster a deeper connection between the families and club.  Volunteering could be as easy as helping to prepare healthy snacks, hanging out with youth during our Youth Drop-in hours, helping with our OSC programming, administration tasks, or assisting with fundraising events.

How to Apply 

Complete the BGCCA Sponsorship Application and submit a hard copy to the Director of Operations for consideration.  Digital copies of the application will not be considered.

Please feel free to email Jill  if you have any questions regarding Sponsorship

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